Microblading is a very extensive process that requires the utmost attention to detail and care. Your initial appointment will take approximately 2.5 hours, during which we will begin with a thorough consultation, client education, mapping of the brow, microblading, and aftercare instruction. We will end the initial appointment by scheduling your touch up appointment approximately 6-8 weeks out. It is during this time that we will fine tune the brow with additional strokes to ensure a beautiful result. If any additional sessions are required they will be booked at the fees below.

New client- $275
(rate includes touch up appointment 6-8 weeks out)
*Additional color boost within year 1- $125
Corrective appointment for another artist’s work- Pricing determined by consultation
*color boost pricing reserved for existing Kentucky Brow Co. clients only

Microblading Training available - $1500 (includes full kit). Please call for details.