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Over the years, women have focused on various body parts and features. The eyes always have it and and the butt -- well Kim Kardashian set the standard for the bigger the better in that lower hemisphere.

If a genie granted me three wishes, I would definitely use one to ask for naturally thick and dark eyebrows.

I've used all sorts of powders, gels and pencils to fill in my sparse and fine brows in hopes of looking like this or this.

Struggle with creating the perfect cat-eye? Need help nailing a French braid? The Kentucky Eyebrow's new "How-To" beauty tutorial series will show you exactly how to master these looks and more.

I remember when it all started: I was ten years old, sitting on my great-grandmother’s lap, eating strawberries covered in sugar. She looked at me with delight and said, “We have the exact same eyebrows!”

If you're not following Kelley Baker on Instagram, we suggest that you do so ASAP. The celebrity makeup artist's account is an ode to the most perfect Bowling Green KY eyebrow arches we've ever seen.

Lip Enhancement Techniques

Expansive, stout lips are an overall image for sexuality, youth, and magnificence. Despite the fact that lips normally lose shape and completion with age, it wasn’t until recently that plastic surgeons developed a way to reverse the signs of aging and bring back the sexy pout in a woman’s lips.

We're cool with '90s fashion resurfacing, but '90s beauty? No, thanks.

Case-in-point: pencil-thin eyebrows.

Lena Dunham said it best in her memoir, Not That Kind of Girl.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then my soul has long been blocked by unruly, chaotic curtains ― my eyebrows. 

This is what it takes to whip your brows into shape -- literally. 

In the video above, famed celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury shares her brow-grooming tricks, from the ideal tweezing technique to how to properly sculpt with a pencil.